Candy Corn Oreos

Today was September 10th and I would make sure that the Candy Corn Oreos would be mine. My Mom was kind enough to pick up the Oreos for Jack and I’s podcast today. My first taste was captured on this weeks Ramblecast so be sure to check that out. I will collect my more detailed thoughts here.

First off the packaging is fantastic it really separates itself from all the other Oreos and makes you intrigued to find out what is inside. Opening up the bag there is a distinct smell that radiates from the package. My biggest takeaway is the smell. It’s not a bad smell, I would say it captures the essence of candy corn fairly well. I don’t know if the strong smell was Nabisco’s intention but It is memorable.

The creme filling is uniquely split in to one side orange one side yellow (in my best John Locke voice). I think that each side has a different component to the flavor. I don’t know if its a mental thing or what but the orange side tastes different than the yellow side.

So after the searching and settling for pale substitutes I finally got to enjoy the Candy Corn Oreo. While the Oreo looks like something you would make with a Play-Doh kit as a kid, It tastes pretty good. I wouldn’t say its the best Oreo ever we all know my thoughts on that (if you don’t you need to join the Jay and Jack Facebook Group and get in on the Vs. action) but the Candy Corn Oreo is a fun halloween snack that hopefully will become a fall tradition.

One gripe that I did have was in this particular pack there was a high number of “dud” Oreos that only featured the yellow creme with a speck of orange. I don’t know if this was unique to this pack, hopefully that’s not the case. If you find yourself in a Target and you see the Candy Corn Oreos pick them up to experience a fun cookie.

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